Sporting Chronicles – January 2024

Coaches Corner

Our very own, coach Liam Capuano, talks about tips and strategies for players to improve their skills. Liam mentions that embracing the learning process, setting realistic goals, and consistent practice is important for personal development.

“I feel when players can understand that improvement takes time and mistakes are a part of development, they can focNs on progress rather than perfection”.

 Liam also adds that having reasonable and personalized goals makes a difference because it encourages players to set targets that challenge them but are still attainable with effort and dedication.

Coach bio:

Liam has been coaching soccer for 9 years and is a UEFA B and CSA C license holder. Liam currently coaches the U11/U1 boys and is our manager of grassroots.



Club updates 6 – Important Info

Summer recreational program:

Pleaer progress reports:
Competitive players will soon be receiving individual progress reports detailing their growth. reports are to be expected by mid-February.

Summer camp dates:
The 2024 summer camp dates have been confirmed and will take place in the following weeks registration to open in mid- February):
• July 8-12
• July 29-Aug 2
• Aug 19-Aug 28


Upcoming events

Open house for competitive programs:

To register for the open house visit the link below:

  • March Break All-star Week: 3v3 tournament
  • Sill Challenge (penalty shootout, crossbar challenge


January Birthday Shout-outs!

  • Simão Casqueira
  • Mohamad-Ali Jaafar
  • Ethan Bugeja
  • Calisto Uy
  • Alexandrer Nunes-Paula
  • Seth Alcide
  • Amir Aliweiwi
  • Abdrahamane Traore
  • Erez Markowitz
  • Beckham Bramley
  • Leo Levitt
  • Angel Pineros
  • Jason Naranjo
  • Gabriel Casqueira
  • Alexandru Liber
  • Adrian Da Ponte
  • Richard Coelho
  • William Afonso