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Get to know what Sporting FC is all about

Sporting FC is a youth soccer academy based in Toronto, Canada. The Sporting FC academy is certified by Sporting CP in Portugal as its Canadian youth soccer academy since May 2011.


Even though Sporting FC is an extension of the Portuguese academy, it is very diverse. Sporting FC trains players who’s ethnicity cover all areas of the globe. Our focus at Sporting FC is to develop Canadian youth by teaching for life through soccer. Our belief is that to becoming a great player you must also grow as a person. Using that philosophy has allowed Sporting FC to develop youth players that have been scouted and went on to train in Europe.


Sporting FC is also a community oriented club. We are continuously working and getting involved with organizations and associations in our area to ensure that our youth not only have a great soccer school, but also a great community to grow-up in. It is important to us that our players understand that even though soccer is the world’s best game, education is of the most importance.


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