Financial Assistance

It is very important to note that it can take 6 to 8 weeks for funding agencies to process applications. Make sure that you apply as early as possible.

Please read and follow the information below to ensure a spot is reserved for your child(ren) in our club.

If you want to register your child(ren) but are waiting for funding to pay, con tact the club office [email protected] as soon as possible with the following details:

  • Parent’s full name
  • Child(ren)’s full name
  • Child(ren)’s date of birth
  • The funding agency to which you have applied
  • The date on which you applied
  • Follow up plans for your child(ren) if funding is refused

The following financial assistance program websites are provided as a courtesy to help families in need of financial support in order for kids to be able to participate in our club.



There are other region specific grants families can apply to if they live in the area. Those will be provided on a case basis.

Feel to grow (For athletes living in Guelph or Wellington County)

Thank you to all our sponsors