Sporting FC Cares Foundation

Sporting FC Cares is the social philanthropic arm of Sporting FC, operating in some of the most underprivileged areas across the world to deliver educational programs, philanthropic initiatives, and community outreach through the sport of soccer. We recognize the significant role sports play in the lives of young people, providing them with opportunities to make a difference and change their lives for the better.

Sporting FC Cares - logo background
Sporting FC Cares - logo background


“Hope on my feet”


  • Collecting used/new soccer shoes and equipment to deliver them to a soccer club in a struggling community or country
  • Raising funds and items to help eg. Fort McMurray, Madeira fires, Nepal soccer gear collection, Cleats for Uganda, etc…


“Planning ahead”


  • Hold education sessions on applying to university, securing scholarships, and balancing sports and academics in high school to Sporting FC athletes
  • Speakers’ Panel: an annual event that exposes athletes to professionals in sports and related industries
  • Christopher McCurbin-Parkin Award: Award is given to one of our players who exhibits outstanding leadership qualities on and off the field, a player who also excels in his academics and is also involved in the community.


“Learning never stops”


Mentorship program: An opportunity for older players to volunteer with our younger age groups. This encourages them to learn more about coaching as well as develop their leadership abilities.


“Toy and Food drive”


Over 10 banana boxes of food, 3 garbage bags of toys, and over $1000 were collected for local organizations throughout the GTA during the 2019 food and toy drive. Organizations such as the Daily bread food bank and the Dovercourt boys and girls club were some of the recipients of the generously donated items.

Thank you to all our sponsors